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A new face for the center of munsterschwarzach


May 4, 2023
A new face for the center of munsterschwarzach

The suggestion from the munsterschwarzach abbey to redesign the square in front of the gatehouse of the monastery has fallen on fertile ground with both the town council and the office for rural development. The authorities have promised the market community a claim for the project within the framework of the simple village renewal.

"This is very good news", said mayor lothar nagel (FCW) on tuesday at the meeting of the town council. According to the current state of affairs, schwarzach has 91,000 euros at its disposal from the village renewal pot.

How the redesign of the square with a part of the schweinfurter strabe (kreisstrabe KT 11) will look like in the future will be the result of the upcoming considerations and plans. Among other things, a working group is to be brought on board.

The benedictine monastery had already commissioned the architecture and engineering firm perleth from hambach with a rough cost estimate beforehand. The new outfit for munsterschwarzach's village center cost 331,500 euros. The preliminary plans for the office also include paving the circle road and roughing out seating groups. "We assume that these costs can still be significantly reduced", said nagel.

With pavement dies the grant

In a letter to the head of the municipality, the kitzingen district office stated that a paved surface on the – despite the bypass road – much used circle road could have disadvantages. With the high traffic volume of 1,800 vehicles in 24 hours, the decision should be viewed critically in terms of the rolling noise it would create and the surrounding residential and hotel uses. A financial contribution from the district can therefore probably only be envisaged for an asphalt surface.

The committee agreed that the project "munsterschwarzach should be made gentler" to be tackled in the near future. "This place is predestined for a makeover", said nagel. The square in front of the gatehouse is the "number one place to go" for schwarzach's guests.

Father franziskus bull (klosterliste) presented several design proposals. Among other things, bicycle stands should be installed to accommodate the increasing bicycle tourism. At the same time, it announced that the abbey would not be able to participate financially in the project. "I have to disillusion them", he told his council colleagues.

For dietmar steiner (CSU), it is particularly important that an overall concept is developed that includes the entire local area from the gatehouse square to the schwarzach bridge. In his opinion, the results of the recent vitality check should be included in the planning process. To volker schmitt's (FCW) objection, "we should wait with the project, after all, we have enough to do at the moment" mayor nagel replied: "we are slowly approaching the topic." The time for the realization of the simple village renewal was still in the stars.

In its resolution, the municipal council instructed the administration to contact various planning agencies and to clarify the fee requirements. A contract will not be awarded to a planning office until a corresponding budget has been set aside for the coming year. Nagel meanwhile wants to contact the abbey of munsterschwarzach to clarify open questions. In particular, a cost-sharing by the benedictine monks should be discussed during the talks.


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