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A big fish in the net


Apr 12, 2023

Officers of the coburg traffic police caught a really big fish on friday. In the course of a general traffic control, a patrol stopped about 15.50 o’clock near seubelsdorf, district lichtenfels, a black kia. A 42-year-old bulgarian national from the coburg district was at the wheel, with his 36-year-old friend from lithuania living at the same address next to him.

In the course of the search, it emerged that a warrant had been issued by the bamberg public prosecutor’s office for the passenger’s arrest, but with different personal details. This circumstance became clear after a thorough examination of the documents the woman brought with her. The ID card and driver’s license were total falsifications.

In fact, the lady was a ukrainian citizen and used the name mentioned in the arrest warrant. Even the driver’s documents were forged. He is also from ukraine, is also the husband of the passenger and could not show a valid driver’s license. Since the two had used false personal data to obtain, among other things, bank and health insurance cards, the officials seized all the personal documents. The couple will also have to answer for various foreign law violations, in particular illegal residency. After paying a fine of 1200 euros to suspend the arrest warrant and depositing a security deposit, the couple was released from police custody.

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